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Quake 3 Arena maps

Maps I've made for Quake 3 Arena / Quake Live


  • GtkRadiant

  • GNU Gimp 2

  • Q3map2

  • Q3 Build

About this project

A collection of maps I've made for the game Quake 3 Arena. It's possible to play the maps on Quake Live as well. I've always been into making content for games, ever since i was a kid. Feel free to download and play my maps!


The first quake 3 map I made back in 2012. It is made for Duel, small team games or FFA. It's set in some kind of abstact temple scene.

Download map


This map was made for the Maverics Servers Quake 3 Mapping Competition 2012. This map was placed on 4th place. The theme of the map is a rainy construction site or factory of some sort. Like any proper quake map, it's very abstract and nothing like any construction site in the real world.

Download map


This map is also called "Temple of acid" and is available as a workshop item for Quake Live on Steam. This map is made for 1v1 or small team games or free for all. The theme of the map is an old ancient temple that have been used for dumping green, not very healthy goo. To play it for quake live, use the workshop item on steam, for quake 3 arena use the download link below.

Download map


Ever played a space map in pink fog? Now you have the chance! This map was made for FFA or other casual game modes. It's gimicky as a space map should be and fun to play.

Download map